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There have been 181 games played so far today.

 Top 20 Rated Games

American Racing 10.00 /10
Oiligarchy 10.00 /10
Hedgehog Launch 2 10.00 /10
1066 10.00 /10
Zombotron 10.00 /10
Warlords: Call to Arms 10.00 /10
Utopian Mining 10.00 /10
Holiday Sim 10.00 /10
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 9.91 /10
Hedgehog Launch 9.85 /10
Nevermore 3 9.83 /10
Zombotron II 9.76 /10
Sniper Assassin 3 9.76 /10
Robotic Emergence 9.71 /10
Berzerk Ball 9.67 /10
Gangsta Bean 9.60 /10
Sniper Assassin 2 9.60 /10
Age of War 2 9.53 /10
Street Avenger 9.50 /10
Airport Ops 9.50 /10

 Popular Games

4 Wheel Madness16150 plays
Bowman 211686 plays
Boxhead: 2Play Rooms11570 plays
Dirt Bike11522 plays
Adrenaline Challenge10608 plays

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The Bug

  1. Why doesn't the game play?

    There may be more than one reason

    • You might be having problems with a firewall. You have to deal with your network admin over this one.
    • You might need to install the proper plugin. Here is a list of the ones which might be needed. Most of the games offered here are of the Flash (swf) variety, with only a handful (20 titles or so) being Shockwave (dcr).
    • Shockwave

  2. Just who is Hippo Games?

    For more on us, visit the About Us page.

  3. Where do the games come from?

    Various places. Usually they are put out for use by their author for use by the public or arcade sites. We have an ever expanding list of sources for titles.

  4. Are they available for download from you??

    Not through us, though if someone wanted to, it would be difficult to stop them from doing so. Please check out the Legal page as this is mentioned. Also, every game here should be easy to source elsewhere, with the best place being from the authors or sponsors (you might even snag a newer version than we have :P).